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Thank you for the welcome.  Really nice to visit the school and to answer some very good questions from the children.

Bishop James (03/12/2012)

WOW!!! What a day! Amazing School - What a Spirit.  Viva La Pilgrim!!!

Bradford C Gross (04.01.13)

An inspirational school.  Dedicated, focused staff and a beautiful building to match.  The children were uniformly polite and a joy to teach.  Thank you for allowing me to visit.

Craig Green (29.01.13)

WOW... What a brilliant school!  Facilities.....the bomb!  Staff was very engaged and welcoming.  But most of all I would like to honour the children.  They are making the school really proud!!  I loved working here with the KS1!!

Ralf Helfrich (01.07.14)

During University Week at the school I came in to run a days workshop with the Art Attack
group. The children were incredibly enthusiastic, well-behaved, respectful and focussed on the task and an absolute delight to teach. We all had a fabulous, creative day that literally flew by!

I can't wait to visit again.

Kind regards

Lynn Smith  (21/10/14)

11th November 2014

Dear Mrs Taylor and Mrs Mepsted,

I think this morning was the most marvellous Remembrance I have ever experienced.  The work which all the staff and children put into it and the way in which you have helped them understand the occasion and the sacrifices of the soldiers made it a truly moving tribute.

I was extremely proud of the dignified and respectful way in which the children behaved and it was really good to see so many family members attending (especially the cornet player who did a fantastic job).  Many thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.