School Counsellor, Grace Lennon has written a prayer for the School Council which is said at the start of each meeting:


Dear God,

In this school we all care for each other so, please help us to make the right decisions in the school council meeting.  We thank you Lord for all our friends in the school and we ask you to help us look out for them and always be there for them when they need us.                                                                                                                                                                              Amen

(Simple sentiments that sum up what we all want to do at our wonderful school).

Let us Pray,

In heaven above Jesus looks down on you wherever you are.

We pray to Jesus and his father God.

God always tells him the right things and he always does it for him.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you God, Good bye.



Lydia (Aged 6)


Dear Father,

We thank you for today and all the new things that we have learned.  We thank you for the teachers that help us and show compassion each day.  We thank you for the food that we have enjoyed together.

Thank you for our friends that stand by us.  Thank you that they forgive us when we mess up.  Thank you that people trust us to be honest.

Lord, help us to persevere and to keep going, even when things are tough.  Help us to be strong, to not be afraid of challenges and to stand up for what we believe is right.

Father, we pray that you bless us and our families.  We pray for those less fortunate than us; let them know that we are thinking of them.


Year 5

Dear God


Thank you for all the lovely people in our class.  Thank you for our caring families and our friends who play with us.  Help us all to share and be kind.  Please help us feel brave when we ar learning new things.




Year  1

Quiet Times


As quiet times come, God we know you will always be with us,

Help us to think about what we have done,

Help us to be friends with other people and trust them,

Help us to think about our learning and what we have done well,

Let us always know that you are there and respect your world that you have made for us.

God, we love you.


Year 2


Dear God,


Your stories teach us the value of respect and the importance of treating others how we ourselves would like to be treated.


Please help us to persevere in our work and know that it is this perseverance to learn new things that will let us become the best versions of 'us' we can be.


We value the close friendships that make and build stronger every day.  If we argue, help us to remember that deep down we trust each other and should forgive each other.


Just as you a friend to us, respect us, persevere with us and forgive us, help us to do the same.




Year 4

Dear God,


Thank you for believing and trusting in us. 

Help us to trust those who care for us at the Pilgrim school.


Please help us to respect others at school including those who have different opinions to ourselves.


Thank you for your never ending compassionate love.  Please help us to show this compassion to everyone in our class and school.


Thank you for forgiving us when we know wwe have done something we regret.  Please help us to forgive each other in the same way.


Thank you for the friendships we have at school.  Help us to be friendly to everyone and to hold hands in friendship.


Please enable us to persevere, to work hard, never give up and believe in our dreams.




Year 6

Dear God,

Thank you for caring for us while we learn and play.

Thank you for helping us to be kind, helpful and polite.

We also thank you for our friends who make us happy.

We thank you for keeping us safe every day.

Help our family and teachers to build trust in us.

When we work, you guide us and help us persevere with our learning.

Please forgive us for our mistakes and help us each to become a better person.

We want to thank you for every new day.


Year 3