Maths Revision

 Multipliction Madness - great for learning your times tables! 

Before you start why not warm up by answering as many sums as you can in a short time. Click here to try. Now try these, click here.
Click here for another website with lots of different maths games to try.
Why not try the speed challenge, first find a piece of paper and a pencil to write down your answers. Click here if you are ready!
Click hereto try a telling the time game.
Try this time matching game, click here.
Here's a Bitesize game about time. Click here to try it.
Now try Bang on Time. Click here.
Why not try these money games now! Click here and here.
We all really enjoy playing Gamebone, click  here to try.
Click here to try a game that will help you with one more and one less. Click here to practice ten less and here to practice ten more.

Partitioning numbers can be quite tricky! Click here to practice. If you are still finding counting in tens and units quite difficult click here to try another game.
Click here to try partitioning with 1000's, 100's, 10's and 1's.