Physical Education at Pilgrim


Through the PE curriculum we ensure that all children are physically active for sustained periods of time. We implement the National Curriculum through both knowledge and skill based activities and promote a healthy and active lifestyle. Children are given the opportunity to engage in competitive sports and activities both inter and intra schools which builds character and helps to embed our Christian Values.



  • To develop habits leading to a healthy and active lifestyle, promoting physical fitness and healthy eating.
  • To access competitive games.
  • To develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance through a variety of sports.
  • To develop children’s confidence in applying and adapting a range of skills in a variety of settings.
  • To develop an appreciation of the creative and aesthetic aspects of physical activity.
  • To understand that physical activity doesn’t just have to be done through sport but also other outdoor activities (for example in forest school).
  • To contribute to children’s social and emotional development by promoting their self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Developing qualities such as commitment, fairness, tolerance, and teamwork alongside individual success.
  • To encourage children to consider their own safety and the safety of others at all times.
  • To develop a tactical awareness in game situations.

Pilgrim Progress & Skills Progression

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Physical Education Policy

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Our PE Scrapbook is a celebration of PE and Sport at Pilgrim. Each class have a double page spread with photos, comments from children and links to our skill progression document and Pilgrim Progress curriculum.

Take a look below to see what each year group at Pilgrim have learnt in Term 1!


Year 6: Dance (Carnival of the Animals)

Year 5: Netball

Year 4: Hockey

Year 3: TAG Rugby

Year 2: Football

Year 1: Balance & Co-ordination

Oaktrees: Muscle Movements

Acorns: Balance

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Black History Month
Year 6 shared their thoughts and opinions on the representation of footballers and the celebration of women in sport. Take a look below.


During Term 2, the children in KS2 (years 3-6) took part in the Pilgrim Games. 
They completed 5 activities: speed bounce, bean bag throw, vertical jump, long jump and shuttle runs.

The children took ownership of scoring and timing.

Take a look at some of the photos below:


Working from home this week? No need to worry, Year 6 have created an alternative to the Santa Dash...the Santa Home Workout!

Enjoy the activities and don’t forget to send us lots of pictures!


Take a look at some of our sponsored Santa dash pictures below!