At the Pilgrim school, we aim to stimulate and develop our children’s interests and natural curiosity. By using topics which engage our children, they respect their historical heritage and develop a sense of cultural understanding. Learning about significant events and people in History enables the children to develop an enquiring and questioning mind. Through teaching the National Curriculum we develop a sense of identity and place, give children the opportunity to reflect on their school, community and local area and encourage all our children to be historians who see how the past has impacted on their lives 

Our Dickens-Inspired World Book Day

This year, we decided to focus World Book Day on our local historical identity. With The Pilgrim School being based in Borstal, Rochester, what better way to celebrate than to focus on a local significant figure from the past - Charles Dickens. Each class studied one of Dickens' novels, exploring many aspects of life in that time period, including clothing, work and lifestyle. We had such an amazing time as shown in the photos below whilst learning about our local history!

Year 4 - Romans

Kent Life Trip

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London

Year 5 - Charles Dickens

Tour of Rochester

Year 3 - The Stone Age

Kent Life Trip

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