Class Teacher: Miss Taffs

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Greenhow


Remote Learning

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Back to school checklist:

  • Arrive promptly at the start of the day (8.30am) and leave the school site promptly at the end of the day (3pm).
  • Our entrance & exit are on the bottom playground by the new metal gates!
  • PE is on a Wednesday - come to school in your PE kit; we will stay in this all day so you do not need to bring spare clothes.
  • Forest School is every other Monday morning - come to school in your Forest School kit but remember to bring school uniform (and shoes) with you to change into in case we get a little muddy!
  • Bring a water bottle to school with you each day.
  • We have everything you could possibly need at school from pens to highlighters so leave all stationary and books at home! All you need to bring to school each day is a water bottle, your lunch box, and a coat if it is a little chilly.
  • Homework and Reading record books will be online this year; we will go through this together at school this week. Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday, reading record logs should be completed every evening.
  • Check this page regularly for homework updates, Forest school dates and class photos on our blog!
  • Things may look a little different around our school but remember, we are still Pilgrim!


What will we be learning in Year 6?

Year 6 Blog of Learning Adventures

2020 - 2021

Monday 7th September

 Today was our first day back at school; we loved being reunited as a class! We created ‘pictures of our personality’ so that Miss Taffs and Mrs Greenhow could get to know us a bit better! 
A great first day back as Year 6!
Miss Taffs

Wednesday 9th September 

Some of us had a great day at well-being club with Laura today. 
Painting, fun and lots of memories made.

Miss Taffs

A sweaty PE circuit today, with burpees, tricep dips, wall throws and of course a rest station!

Celebration worship...zoom style!

Our whole school came together this Friday, 11th September, to celebrate our fantastic first week back.

Congratulations to our special mention children in Year 6 this week for fantastic work on their creative writing formal letters!

Monday 14th September
The children had a lovely time at Forest school today making swings, bug hotels, dens and skipping!

Monday 14th September
We have been working hard in Year 6 over the last week, working scientifically to investigate a reversible change. We planned our scientific enquiry to our answer our question of, ‘Which environment in our school will cause the ice hand to melt the quickest?’. We made a prediction with a reason, took measurements, recorded and presented our data and then formed a conclusion which suggested improvements for next time! 

The children worked incredibly hard with their science projects and shared their learning with Mrs Mepsted and Mrs Styles with pride! Very well done Year 6!

Wednesday 16th September
On Wednesday, we began our new PE topic ‘Carnival of the Animals’; a dance themed topic.

As a class, we listened to different parts of the music, guessing which animal we believed it represented.

In small groups, we composed a short dance routine, focussing on varying height and speed, in character of either a herd of elephants or a pride of lions! 

Take a look at some of our performances below!

Friday 25th September
Today, we published our final letters of application for different roles and responsibilities around our school such as joining the Worship Team, Reading Cafe and the PE team. We then sent off our letters and are excited to hear back!

Monday 28th September

An art themed Forest school session today, take a look at our creations below!

Made with Padlet

Some very special letters have arrived for you Year 6. I look forward to seeing you at 8.30am for you to open them!

Miss Taffs :)

Trim Trail Races and Chalk drawings!

Today at Forest school, some of us drew drawings using chalk and others of us had a race on the trim trails. This was a great team building exercise and Miss Taffs was really impressed with how we showed respect to others and cheered them on!