Welcome to Year 4

Class teachers: Mr Sverha & Mrs PARRY

Teaching assistant: Mrs Bacon


Key Information


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday.


Children should be reading approximately 15 minutes a night. Please make sure to record reading in their reading record.

Children have easy access to our school library and below are links to the Lovereading4kids website where you can find a wealth of different books - the books you see on this website are available at a variety of retailers.

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PE/Forest School

P.E. is on Wednesday afternoon every week.

Forest School is every other Thursday

Swimming - starts on Thursdays after Easter 2020

        Term 3 Topic        

The Romans

(History based topic)

Key vocabulary:

invasion, conquest, empire, Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, conquer, occupy, Roman road, camber, highway, Boudicca, rebellion, Hadrian, turret, mile-castle, fort, Picts, gods, goddesses, ritual, sacrifice, worship, festival, omen, superstition, prayer, Roman baths, tepidarium, frigidarium, caldarium, springs, strigal, aquaduct, hypocaust, great bath 


  • Can they plot history on a timelines using centuries? 
  • Can they place periods of history and times on a timeline? 
  • Can they use the words ‘ancient and century’ correctly? 
  • Can they order things on a timeline within a specific period? 
  • Can they explain what it was like for a child in Ancient Rome 
  • Can they explain the spread of the Roman Empire and recall key facts about the invasion of Britain. 
  • Can they understand why the Romans built new roads 
  • in Britain, know where some of the main roads ran from and to and know how the roads were made. 
  • Can they understand how the Roman Empire affected different people and how they felt and reacted to the changes that were being made? 
  • Can they describe who Emperor Hadrian was, say when, how and why he built a wall? 
  • Can they understand what the religious beliefs the Romans had and know about some of the gods and goddesses that they worshiped.


  • Can they explain how human features of a locality have changed over time? 
  • Can they name up to six cities in the UK and locate them on a map? 


  • Can they compare and group materials together, according to whether they are solids, liquids or gases by sorting and describing materials into solids, liquids and gases?
  • Can they investigate gases and explain their properties?
  • Can they observe that some materials change state when they are heated or cooled, and measure or research the temperature at which this happens in degrees Celsius (°C)
    by investigating how heating and cooling can change a material’s state.
  • Can they explore how water changes state?
  • Can they associate the rate of evaporation with temperature by investigating the effect of temperature on drying washing?
  • Can they To identify the part played by evaporation and condensation in the water cycle by creating a model of the water cycle?