Year 3 have wowed us with their home learning tasks so far. Check out some of the pictures shared with us! We love to see what you have been doing. Look out for our comments to see what we are saying about your learning.


Our class teachers are Miss. Louden and Mrs. Simmons 

Our teaching assistants are Miss. Lambkin and Mrs. Burd


Year 3      

Have a lovely Easter holiday.

Stay safe with your family and loved ones.

Keep up with your reading and TTRockstars.

Feel free to send us any photos or update our Padlet on our class page of anything you have been doing. 

We will still talk to you each week. 

We look forward to hearing all about the fun things you have been doing.

Don't eat too much chocolate!

Miss. Louden, Mrs. Simmons, Mrs. Burd and Miss. Lambkin

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Hello Year 3

Below are your daily tasks for you to complete at home. These will be updated each day.

Please complete these tasks on     Google Classroom     as this will allow us to interact with each other better. We can see what you have completed and you can ask us questions if you are unsure of anything.

Please can you click the 'Hand in' button for your learning and NOT 'Share'. This will enable the work to come straight into a folder for us to see. The 'Hand in' button is in the top right of the original document. Please use this rather than the 'share' button at the top of the google document created for you.  


Link below:

Google Classroom


Year 3 Home Reading Log

Record how much you read each day. The reading log will be found in your Google Classroom. If you read different books in one day, you can enter each book in its own row. For every 10 reads, you'll get 2 Dojos.

We will check this daily.

Most of all, enjoy reading!


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Daily Home Learning Tasks

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For all of your hard work at home, you will be rewarded with star points. They are similar to our Dojos. You will be able to track how many stars you get every day or week by signing to J2E and clicking on J2Stars.

You have been given a book which you can use for any learning that you would like to do while we are at home.


Optional Further Learning

  • PAG sheets attached to book
  • Arithmetic practice attached to book. Not all children will have been introduced to some of this learning yet, depending on their level of understanding. This information below may help them to learn some new mathematical skills or give them a try.
  • Helpful Guides

     FRACTIONS (Pg 16-19 recommended) - 

      MULTIPLICATION (Pg 21 -24 recommended) -



Stay well, we look forward to seeing you again soon.  Email the office if you need anything!

Miss Louden, Mrs Simmons, Mrs Burd and Miss Lambkin




In Term 4 and 5 we will be learning about Stone Age life compared to our Modern Life and Dickens Victorian Life E.g art, food, homes, timelines





We continue to reflect on our school values and how we are reminded of these when we think about the fruits of the Holy Spirit.


1 Corinthians 13:4-5

Love is patient, love is kind.      



Ephesians 4:32

Be kind and tender-hearted to one another, forgiving each other just as in Christ God forgave you.




We have been reflecting on how 2D shapes can represent our own lives and that of our family.

What 2D shape reminds you of your life or family? 






Triangle  - 3 sides   “….faith, hope and love, these three and the greatest of these is love.”

Square - The square is a symbol of rightness and we call its angles right angles.

“Walk in a manner worthy of the Lord to please him in everything.”
Colossians 1:11

Circle - Christians worship a God that is “…the King eternal, immortal and invisible.”
1Timothy 1:16-17



                                        Guided Reading books for this term:





Bar Charts 




Developing our range of written and mental strategies - number lines, column addition and subtraction

Encouraging our use and understanding of mathematical vocabulary - e.g multiplication / multiply / times

Multiplication and division (Times Tables) 

Times Table Rockstars


We will be reading The Oliver Twist story

RE - Sikhism


A or an?

Past and Present Tense

Expanding noun phrases - use of adjectives, prepositions, clauses, phrases.




In Science we will be continuing our learning about light


 'And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.' Psalm 97:11.


ICT - 'Presenters'

Children will research volcanoes and present information to others.


We will be continuing to write to our friends in Devon.             

Celebrating World Book Day Charles Dickens Style           




‘ If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you; ‘
Proverbs 9:12

Year 3 have written a Prayer of Wisdom for our school.

Dear God,
Thank you for life in all its fullness, as this truly is the way to explore and find wisdom. Make us shine so others can question and understand what this feeling of warmth is. Encourage us to follow the role model of Jesus and those you have provided for us in school, like our teachers and friends. Guide us in our choices so we can become wise in our thinking. Give us opportunities to show and choose the correct path.

Father, help us learn and grow in goodness showing strength in your wisdom. Help us forgive when we are angry and give us the patience to figure out our feelings. Help us to be proud of wise choices made and for others to notice us where ever we go. Help us to remember that if we show God great respect and obedience this is truly the beginning of wisdom.

God we know you have promised great things if we show wisdom. Help us to be shinning bright in the love of Jesus. Show the world your light and make the world reflect your wisdom and peace. Please protect our world and wildlife and make people wise in their actions towards your planet Earth. Every day we grow like a tree, growing bigger and bigger. Help us to grow healthy fruit that can be shared with others.

Thank you for a school that teaches us about wisdom. With your help Lord, we will be proud to be ‘Forever Pilgrim’
Year 3

Handwriting remains a focus for our class this term, with the introduction of some pen licences coming soon!!


Wednesday PM: PE 

Thursday PM: Forest School (Every other week)   

Forest School will be starting this week: Thursday 5th September 2019

Homework Club:

Every Monday at lunch time.

Need a few extra minutes to complete your homework? Feel free to join us in the Year 3 classroom. 



Exploring life in all its fullness




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