Welcome to Year 2!

Miss Wall is our Year 2 class teacher.

Mrs Dewey is the teaching assistant in our classroom.


       Our topic this term is 'The Rainforest'.

We are going to be learning all about the Amazon Rainforest and the animals that live there. We will be exploring the climate and location of the Amazon, comparing it to our country. We are going to learn about the different sections of the rainforest and the importance of looking after the world for the future.

 In English we will be looking at the well-loved book of 'Where the Wild Things Are', exploring the characters, settings and events. We will use this knowledge to write our own story using the same opening as the original book. We will also be learning about non-chronological reports and looking at the features of these and their effect to enable us to use them in our own report.

In Maths we will focus on number and place value. We will be comparing and ordering numbers, using more than and less than symbols, as well as looking at odd and even numbers. We will then apply this knowledge to addition and subtraction, looking at how place value helps us with number sentences.

In Science we will be learning about plants. We are going to be observing and describing how seeds and bulbs grow into mature plants by growing our own. We are going to use our observations to suggest answers to questions and find out how plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow and stay healthy. We will also record data using simple equipment.

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It is our aim to provide regular homework, which prepares your child for an activity, reinforces work in class or gives the opportunity to develop essential skills through open-ended exploration on a particular theme. It will also give you the opportunity to see what your child is currently learning in school and become involved in this.

Homework is set on a THURSDAY and is due in the following TUESDAY.

Pupils are expected to read daily and bring their contact books with them to school each morning.


P.E is on a Friday. Please ensure that pupils have their full kit in school and that items are named clearly. P.E lessons are often outside, so please make sure that pupils have the appropriate clothing! 

Forest School is alternate Tuesdays, starting every first Tuesday of a new term. Forest School will be after lunch, so pupils need to come to school in their uniform as normal and bring their kit with them. Please ensure that all items are named clearly.