Welcome to Year One's Page!



Take a look at some of the things we got up to last year!  I'm sure we will enjoy our learning just as much this year!


This page will help you access our Just 2 Easy site.  

This is what we will learn in Term 1

We worked together to create this new alphabet to help us remember the letters.  We use it when we are writing at school.  Maybe you could print it off and it will help you when working at home.

We use these pictures to help us remember the digraphs and trigraphs.  They can help you when writing at home if you are muddled.


Here it is!  Our human number line!

Take a look at us being Secret Santas!

We impressed everyone with our efforts for the Santa Dash!

Celebrating together with our Christmas dinner.

Such special memories with our Year 6 reading buddies!

Made with Padlet

Made with Padlet

Goodbye Miss Everhurst

It was Miss Everhurst's last day with us and we will all miss her.  She helped us settle into Year One.  We had a special meal in our "posh restaurant" to celebrate with her.

Miss Everhurst, you would be welcome to come back to our restaurant any time!  Good luck.  



This is what we will learn this term!

Searching for dandelions!

We've given ourselves funny "Dandylion" hairstyles!

You can read the "Dandylion" story on our shared file in "Just 2 Easy".

Who knew we could be so creative with dandelions?

Fine dining in Year One!

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