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Learning from home

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Hello everyone!

We hope you are enjoying the learning packs. (Remember to put the lids on the glue!)

Don't forget to check the Just2Easy and Busy Things pages.  I will set up a new chat page and new messages every day.  Check in "Shared Files" and "My Files".  You can also share files and message each other.  We have been working on safe ways for you to share videos and photos of yourself and your work.  Keep in touch!


You and your families are amazing!  We are still Team Year One, even when we are away from each other.



Welcome to Year One!

 PE is on Friday afternoons. The children can come in wearing their uniforms and will change into their PE kits at school.


The children have been given their own peg in the cloakroom and tray in the classroom for their belongings. There is also a laundry basket in the class for clothing that hasn't been named. They are always reminded to put their clothes in these places so they are the first places to look for missing jumpers and cardigans! Please feel free to remind them to look for their belongings if necessary, and show them where their names are in their clothing.


The children are beginning to earn their rewards for regular reading. Regular reading at home helps develop their reading skills, and brings them closer to the next reward!


What are we learning this week?

Week commencing...... Literacy Maths
2nd March
  • Charles Dickens
  • Features of non-fiction books (contents page, index, glossary)
  • Measure  (comparing height and length and measuring using non-standard units)
  • Days of the week
  • Salvation  -  The Easter Story (Lent)
  • pencil sketches - lines
  • inserting photographs and changing them to look like old photographs
The children looked amazing in their outfits on Thursday!
9th March
  • Alphabetical order
  • matching capitals and lower case
  • non-fiction text  -  diagrams and labels
  • Measuring length (metres)
  • problem solving with days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • Everyday materials  -  names and properties
  • Toys we play with today

In Term 4 we will be learning Science, DT and History through exploring toys and games.

We really enjoyed our Pilgrim World Book Day Dickens Extravaganza!


We looked fantastic in our Victorian outfits!


Walking around Borstal

In Geography we walked around Borstal and looked at features of our village.  When we looked at the houses from the bridge it felt like we were looking at a map.


We created our own version of the book "Window" showing the changes in landscape over time.

Our "Human Number Line" is on the wall in our class and helps us with our maths.

These photographs will help us remember the strategies we use when working with numbers.

We have made our own alphabet to help us with our writing.  

The photos in this powerpoint help us remember our digraphs and trigraphs.

Maybe they will help you with your homework.

Who is hiding behind their self-portrait?

We thought about how we have changed since we were babies then predicted what we will be like when we are older.  

We know we will be

Forever Pilgrim!