Welcome to our Oak Tree class page. We look forward to sharing some of our learning experiences with you as we start our exciting journey as a Pilgrim. 

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Oak Trees, what a year it has been. It has been very different to how we ever imagined it but you have continued to amaze us along every step of the way. You are a wonderful class and you have created so many happy memories and we have loved sharing them with you. We thought that it was only fair that we shared some of them with you as we celebrate you finishing your first year at the Pilgrim School. 

Thank you all for everything!

Love Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell

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So this has been a very surreal week for us all. Before we knew it Friday was here and it was our last day at school for a while. The Oak Trees had requested a party for the Friday and wrote a list of what they wanted!

In the morning the whole school gathered together to play hide and seek. (They had heard how much fun we'd had on Thursday and didn't want to miss out) All the staff stayed on the playground and the children ran and hid. It was amazing to be surrounded by so many happy children, seeing their smiles and hearing the laughter echo through the school once they had been found. This only got louder when it was the adults turn to hide!!

After lunch the Oak Trees had the little party that had been asked for. Party hats, music, and cake went down an absolute treat. Before we could do anything else....you guessed it, another game of hide and seek! Mrs Dell and I really had to up our game...there are only so many places to hide in the classroom as an adult! There was tears of laughter from us and we can only hope happy memories made for the children during such an unusual time. 

Look after yourselves Oak Trees.

Mrs Dell and I can't wait to see you all soon!


As there were fewer children in than usual we wanted to play hide and seek in the afternoon before home time. We even made Mrs Styles, Mrs Dell and Mrs Unger hide! Can you see us?

Warning: someone wanted the whole school to know that she had been found - don't have your volume up too high!

The sun is out and Spring is well and truly on it's way. We have been making the most of our garden this week and have working together as a fantastic team to develop our play ideas. Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell were really impressed with how we decided to create our very own nursery by drawing on the bricks and turning them into babies. We did a great job by stopping them crying and a lot of songs were sung and stories told to make them stop. 

It is lovely to share some of the achievements that have been happening outside of school too. We heard one of the children made a speech in her Mosque and then was brave enough to stand up in front of the whole school to tell them about it and another is turning into a bit of a rugby champion! Mr Thacker will be impressed!

Charles Dickens World Book Day

It's World Book day and we are doing things a little differently this year. We have been learning about the famous Author, Charles Dickens, who lived right here in Rochester. We discovered that he wrote books a very long time ago and there are lots of places around Rochester that he has spent time at. All the staff at Pilgrim were just completely amazed with all the effort that you all went to so that you could come to school dressed as a Dickensian character. 

We did a parade around the hall with the rest of the school so everyone could see our costumes and then we came back to the classroom where we all sat down and enjoyed a Victorian Afternoon Tea. The scones were made by us as we even had a cup of tea! 

Our gross motor skills were definitely being put to the test this afternoon as we were having so much fun rolling down our hill in the garden. We had to figure out ways of not bumping into each other as it was slightly tricky to be able to control what way our bodies went once the rolling started. 

Welcome back to Term 4.

It is great to all be back together and hearing about what we got up to during our week away from school. Things couldn't have got much more exciting than this. It only started to snow whilst we were at school. It may have only lasted a very short amount of time but we were determined to get outside to enjoy it. We were a little sad that it didn't snow enough to make snowmen or snow angels. Maybe next time!

What a great way to finish another busy term. Reading one of our favourite books with our buddies. 

Happy Half Term everyone.

It's E-Safety week and we have been learning how to make sure we are staying safe when using technology such as tablets, computers, smartphones and games consoles. We spoke about the games that are good for 4 and 5 year olds to be playing, as well as how to be safe when using the internet. We had a visit from some of our Digital Leaders who came and did a presentation about E-Safety and answered any questions that we had. 

This morning Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell encouraged us to be independent by letting us get our morning snack all by ourselves. After a couple of us had been shown, it was then our job to model to the other children so they knew what to do. It helped us to share instructions as well as having to listen carefully to what was being said. We even washed our things up at the end. 

In the afternoon we did a similar thing, but this time it was learning how to use the powder paints. Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell were really impressed with how sensible every one was and how carefully they had listened throughout the day. 

This morning we had a very exciting visit from Simon, our school vet and he wasn't alone. He brought in an albino ferret to show the Oak Trees and Acorns. We hadn't seen anything quite like it before and were very keen to get a closer look when it was back in its cage. Thank you Simon for telling us all about the ferret and answering the questions that we had about it. 

As if Friday wasn't already exciting enough, our reading buddies brought a visitor with them today. They had been awarded with the highest attendance for the week and were allowed to take care of Peter the tortoise. We were so excited to have him in our class room for a little while. Although we discovered pretty quickly that he likes to poo...and does quite a lot of it! 

This week we learned about the celebrations that happen for the Chinese New Year. We made our own lanterns, looked at Chinese numbers and letters, listened to someone in Year 3 who was celebrating the Chinese New Year with his family as well as finishing the week by listening and dancing to Chinese music. 

There was some amazing things happening in the Oak Trees classroom today. Some of us discovered that there are no ends to our building possibilities when we started using tiny bricks and CD's to construct with. There was a lot of problem solving going on and we helped each other as much as possible to try and build some of the tallest towers we could. We then furthered our turn taking skills by learning how to control the bee-bots. We had to programme it and think about the directions that we wanted it to move.  

What a busy morning. We discovered how to use the tape measures and we soon set off to work. Some of us worked together to measure each other and we tried writing down the numbers we saw on the tape measure to show how long something was. We talked about how objects differed in size but measuring each other was our favourite thing to do. Although when we measured Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell, we needed 2 tape measures as they were so much taller than us!

The evil pea had visited our classroom and we couldn't believe what he had done!

After reading Supertato we knew that the evil pea would be up to no good if he ever visited our classroom....and we were right! He had only frozen all of the other peas and it left us to having to go to their rescue. They were stuck in a block of ice and we had to use water and pipettes to try and free them. We spent time chatting with our friends and coming up with plans to help them escape. Team work makes the dream work Oak Trees!

This morning we started off the day by exploring the instruments and creating our own shows. Some of us learnt what a conductor does and had a go and conducting the children with the instruments they were using. This afternoon we saw that changes that happened when combining ingredients to make our very own play dough. It helped us to develop our fine motor skills by rolling, moulding, pulling and squashing the dough with our hands and fingers. 

Today we discovered a new book that was brought in by by one of the Oak Trees. We learned about how the orangutans were loosing their homes because the rain forests were being chopped down for palm oil. We talked about how sad it made us feel and we wanted to help by making posters that would tell people to stop doing the wrong thing. 

Welcome back to Term 3.

We hope you had a magical Christmas break with your families. 

Today some of us took an interest in drawing our own maps. It didn't take long before more of us joined in and started to create our own map of Borstal and Rochester. Is there any places that you recognise?

The last day of term 2 has arrived and it is time to party! Our whole school Christmas dinner went down a treat and some of us even tried the sprouts!

And in true Pilgrim style...Christmas lunch wouldn't be complete without a sing song! This may be a new Pilgrim favourite. 

Today we performed our Christmas Nativity 'Miracle in Town.' 

We couldn't wait to tell the Christmas story to our families of how baby Jesus was born. 

Even though the rain joined us this morning, nothing was going to get in our way of meeting Kevin and learning how to use the balance bikes that he brought in for us to try. He taught us how to get on and off of a bike correctly and once we felt more confident balancing, we even went round our very own circuit. 

The afternoon that we had all been waiting for had finally arrived! It was our Stay and Play afternoon where our grown ups were coming to join us for lunch and spend the afternoon in the classroom with us. We all felt very grown up showing our adults what to do in the hall buy lining up and waiting patiently to choose our lunch. 

After we had finished our lunch we made our way back to the classroom where we spent time showing our grown ups around, playing with them, showing them our learning stories and finishing the day with a story. We all had a fantastic time, we hope you did too!

What a chilly morning it is! We wrapped ourselves up and made our way outside to explore the frosty garden.  

At Forest School today we explored how to use the ropes. We soon realised that we could use them for lots of different things and took it in turns to help pull ourselves up the bank as well as going back down the other side. By chanting our friends names, we encouraged them to give it a try, even if they were a little worried to try it to begin with. Mrs Styles and Mrs Dell were very impressed with the teamwork that took place and how patient we were with each other whilst waiting our turn. 

It's the day of our Welcome Service. We went to St Matthew's church and were welcomed into the Pilgrim school family. We chose two of our favourite songs to sing to rest of the school and our grown ups. Our favourite was 'You've got a friend in me' as we learnt the Makaton signs too. 

Today we gathered together with the rest of the school for Remembrance Day. We made our own poppy using our hand prints and talked about how people lost their lives in the wars to help protect us and their country. We took part in a 2 minute silence then sang our song 'We Will Remember' whilst laying our wreaths. 

Our poor garden had become rather over grown the past few weeks, so we put our muscles to work to help clear it. We learned what the weeds looked like so we didn't cut any of the plants that we wanted to continue to grow in our garden. We also discovered that 'weeds are just a plant growing in the wrong place.'It certainly took a lot of team work to get it all cleared and to move the cuttings to the banks where they could decompose. 

Welcome back to Term 2.

We finished off our busy first week by getting together with our reading buddies on Friday to take part in the Pilgrim mile together. We do enjoy running as fast as we can to try and out run the Year 5's, we like to make work hard when they come to visit!

The day of our Farmer's Market has finally arrived. Mr Thacker had a bit of a shock when the hall filled with farmers for PE. We were able to celebrate our baking skills with our families when they arrived to take us around the market to see what everyone else had been busy making. 

What a busy first term we've had as Oak Trees. Our journey as a Pilgrim has certainly started well. 

Happy Half Term to you all. 

On Wednesday we became bakers. We started to make bread ready for our stall at the Farmer's Market on Friday. We had to use our muscles to help us knead the dough and then wait patiently for the dough to proof before putting it in the oven. It wasn't long before the smell of freshly baked bread was soon drifting through the rest of the school. 

On Tuesday we used old plastic bottles and planted succulent plants in them so we could hang them in our garden. We discovered that succulents store the water they need in their leaves and are excited about watching them grow throughout the year. 

It's our Pilgrim Explores Week where the whole school get to take part in all different activities. This year our focus is on how we can look after our environment and be more Eco-friendly. 

On Monday some of us decorated some pebbles to create pebble art. 

"You are never to small to make a difference."

-Greta Thunberg

Today is our Harvest Festival service at the church. We were excited because it was the first time that we were visiting the church as part of the Pilgrim School and we couldn't wait to walk with our Year 5 buddy.  At the service we sang songs and thought about how we were helping those people who are less fortunate than us. It made us happy to think that we were helping other people who needed it. 

After learning how Christians believe that God created the World in seven days, we thought carefully about how we should be looking after the animals around us. At Forest School we looked for different creatures that may be hiding and talked about how we can care for them and be gentle when taking a closer look. We took great care of the creatures that we found and had some great discussions about what they may like to eat and why they like hiding in dark and damp places. 

This morning we had a great time meeting our very own reading buddies. We were paired up with a buddy from Year 5 and they came down to our classroom to read books to us. They took time to talk about our favourite parts of the story and it helped us to develop our listening skills as well as building new friendships.

Today we ventured to Forest School for the first time with the Acorns. We gathered together at base camp and listened carefully to our Forest School Rules:

  • No picking
  • No licking
  • Stop! Fungus! Don't Touch!
  • Drag sticks like a tail
  • Don't talk to anyone through the fence
  • 1,2,3 Where are you?    Here we are!

We spent the morning exploring the area and making sure that we helped each other to remember the rules to keep safe. The rain joined us and we were able to use some of the tree branches to help keep us dry. We learnt that 'teamwork makes the dream work' as we helped each other to transport branches to base camp that had been cut down. 

The day has finally arrived where we can meet Reggie. Reggie is our school therapy dog who comes in to visit us and today was our lucky day! Kerrie is Reggie's owner and she told us all about him, answered all the questions we had and let us take it in turns to stroke him. We had to remember that we could only stroke him when he was laying down. Reggie was very well behaved and he even made some of us laugh when he decided to start rolling on his back and wiggling his legs in the air. We can't wait for Reggie to visit again soon.

What busy writers we had today. The children were keen to practise writing their own names, and in some cases, their friends names too. 

In today's PE session we were learning how to move into a space and developing our listening skills by following the instructions that Mr Thacker gave us. We had to make sure that we were looking around us so that we didn't bump into each other. 

We certainly made the most of the sunshine today and went out into our garden. We learnt some of the rules and how we can use the different resources safely. We have to remember that it is important to take turns. After all, sharing is caring!

Today was rather exciting as we got to meet Mr Thacker our PE teacher. He comes to visit us every Friday and helps us to develop our gross motor skills as well as teaching us new sports. As well as helping us with our PE, he is rather good at telling jokes too!

We've had a very busy start to our first term and there have been so many things for us to learn. We have been meeting new friends, learning how to use and look after the things in our classroom, thinking about how we can make friends and be kind as well as looking forward to enjoying our lunch in the hall.