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                                                                                                                      Dear Acorns, mums and dads,                                                                                                    05.06.20.

We've just completed our very first week back in school, in our new temporary classroom which we quite like. It was so lovely to see some of you again and speak to you on the phone if you couldn't join us in person just yet. 

Yes, there are a lot of things we have to do differently for the time being but we still had so much fun whilst playing together. 

This week we listened to the story of Handa's surprise and learned many new words, moved like different animals, counted down from 7 and compared numbers in practical activities. What perhaps we liked the most was try to carry something on our head, just like Handa did in the story. 

Hope you'll enjoy listening to the story read by Mrs Monk with the children's help. 

The end of the story is missing. Can you finish it with your own words? 

We hope to see you soon. Ms Unger and Mrs Monk

None of us has ever seen a creature like this before! What could it be?

Today we had another exciting visit from Simon the vet, who this time has brought an albino ferret with him for us to meet. 

It was great fun to meet Peter, our school pet and find out how to care and look after him.


Our challenge was to build the tallest and strongest tower with the wooden bricks. During this task we talked about the properties of shapes and have even found some similarities and differences between them.


What a lovely treat we were in for today! One of our class friends retold us his favourite story, The three little pigs. 


"Once upon a time there were three little pigs. And one day ....

The children discovered that mastering a new skill isn't always as easy as it seems. Still, they didn't give up but spent long periods of time with practising how to use shape cutters and whole punchers. During this activity the children strengthened their finger grips and fine motor controls.

The children were very excited about exploring and playing with the Bee-Bots. They found out about the functions of the different buttons and practised fair turn taking using the sand timer.

Time to make decorations for our Christmas tree.

Can you see the repeated colour patterns in our bead candies and paper chains?

Dough, glorious dough! 


We have been finding out about Diwali, the festival of light which inspired some of the children to make diva lamps out of the dough.


Looking at information books helped us with our learning about spiders. We used this knowledge to make spider hats and drawings.

Here we are, singing Incey wincey spider.


Did you know? We have spiders living in our classroom! This led us onto listening to the story of The very busy spider by Eric Carle. We were very good at joining in with the repeated language patterns when retelling the story. 


We made leaf crowns with the beautiful leaves we collected on our autumn walk. Then we used them during our singing and dancing to the autumn songs we had learnt.


We took an Autumn walk in the beautiful sunshine today and looked for seasonal changes and collected leaves of all different shapes and sizes to take indoors with us. We noticed how the leaves have changed their colours and how they were no longer on the trees. We were excited to see our shadows playing tricks on us and discovered what a catkin is. 



Some of us spent the whole morning playing in the shaving foam today. Exploring and mark making was a lot of fun. 


We made a puppet theatre in class today and very much enjoyed taking turns to tell and listen to short stories and songs by our friends.


We have been singing lots of nursery rhymes and chose our favourite ones. Can you guess which ones we like from our actions?


We are very excited to meet our new friends in Acorn Class 2019.