Welcome to Year One's Page!



Here is our Human Numberline!

We have it above our whiteboard in the classroom and use it to help us with our maths.


These photos show us working together in our maths lessons.



We worked together to create this new alphabet to help us remember the letters.  We use it when we are writing at school.  Maybe you could print it off and it will help you when working at home.

We are getting better and better at working as a team.  We are even developing new friendships since joining Year One.

We made bookmarks for new friends and wrote something nice about them on the back.

Here we are giving our bookmarks to our friends!

Look at the great memories we have made.  Special moments!

This is what we will learn in Term 3

This is what enjoyed learning in Term 2.


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Our learning in Term 1



These are some of the things we did in Year One last year!  I'm sure we will make even more memories this year.

We use these pictures to help us remember the digraphs and trigraphs.  They can help you when writing at home if you are muddled.

Such special memories with our Year 6 reading buddies!

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