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Office Times

The school office is open between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. If you wish to make an appointment to see Mrs. Mepsted, the Headteacher, or wish to make an enquiry, please phone or visit during these times. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry via our enquiry page and we promise to get right back to you as soon as we can.  Any queries please contact the office manager Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Richardson or Mrs. Hewing.


School Times

7.45 a.m. - Breakfast Club opens with Laura 

8.45 a.m. - Nursery morning session starts 

8.45 a.m. - KS1/KS2 day starts

Mrs. Mepsted and the Office Team are always at the school gates to welcome you at the start of your school day.

9.00 a.m.  - Registration closes

11.45 a.m. - Nursery morning session ends

3.10 p.m. - FS2/KS1 day ends

3.15 p.m - KS2 day ends

Mrs. Mepsted and the Office Team are always at the school gates at the end of the school day.

4:15 p.m. - After School Club finishes 


Admissions to The Pilgrim School

Medway Council deals with the admission to FS2 (Reception Class) via their online Parent Portal. We have a planned admission limit of 30 and parents who are unsuccessful in gaining a place at the school have a right of appeal via the Local Education Authority.

Supplementary information form entry to The Pilgrim School was introduced in September 2012.

If you would like to apply to The Pilgrim School under the denomination preference your application must be supported by evidence that your child (or at least one parent/carer) is a regular worshipper (the level of attendance should be at least once a month) at a church affiliated to, or represented at "Churches Together in England" or the "Evangelical Alliance" and has been for at least 12 months prior to the application being made. 

For more information on this, please speak to the school office.



If your child is absent for any reason, please telephone, send a note or let us know via email. If you have not telephoned, you will receive a telephone call from the school office requesting a reason for your child's absence. Any unexplained absence has to be recorded as unauthorised. Please let us know if your child has a medical appointment during the school day and we will issue your child with a pupil pass.

Please note that children are unable to leave the school unaccompanied by an adult during the school day.

As of 1st September 2013 following Government legislation the school cannot authorise holidays during term time unless there are special circumstances. If you have reasons to need holiday leave during term time please put them in writng explaining the special circumstances.

If your child is sick during the school day we will contact you to collect them. Please ensure that your emergency contact numbers are kept up to date. Appropriate first aid will be administered by qualified staff, where necessary.

If your child is often late they will miss a vital part of the lesson, disrupt the lesson for everyone else and have their name put in the late book. If this happens, we will refer them to the Educational Welfare Officer.

The breakfast club is an excellent facility for people who have trouble managing the mornings as well as those who just want to have a lovely breakfast!



The homework set will vary with your child's age and ability. Younger children will tend to be set activities related to reading and learning number bonds. As they progress through the school, homework may involve using a library for research, and a wider range of mathematical work. It is our policy that Key Stage 2 children have regular homework in all classes.

We look for your support in encouraging your child to complete the work that is set. At the start of each school year, you will be told on which days to expect your child to bring homework home. If you are unsure of what is required, please see your child's teacher.

If your child fails to return homework, you will be contacted so that you are aware that the homework is not being completed.


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