The Pilgrim School


Year 3

Who Are We?

We are Year 3 Pilgrims! 

Welcome to Year 3


What does this mean?

It means we love our learning!

We persevere.

We are compassionate.

We care for each other.

We are Pilgrim role-models!


My teachers this year are: Mrs Cavey and Mrs Burd.

Forest School

We will have Forest school on alternate Friday afternoons. Please send your children into school wearing their Forest School clothes (jeans and long sleeve tops please) with a change of shoes, preferably welly boots, in a named bag.

Up coming Forest School dates:

Friday 6th October

Friday 20th October 

Friday 10th November

Friday 24th November

We are adventurers!


AA Forest school Year 3



Homework will be set every Thursday and will be due in the following week on Tuesday.

The children will have a homework book to complete their homework in. 



Here is our Year 3 timetable (subject to change) which outlines the structure of our day. 

Click on the button below to see our timetable:

 Year 3 timetable 23 / 24





We love reading in Year 3! Our whole curriculum is littered with some amazing texts to engage all our learners and create a love for reading in our school. 

Reading records will be collected in on a Friday to count up reads for the week. Reads will be given for reading with an adult during the school day at reading cafe, or with a volunteer or with a class adult during the day, so please make sure your children have their reading record with them every day. Prizes will be given out for reads when they achieve their milestones. 

This year we have a reading scrapbook which will come home with your child at least once this year. Please add to it your favourite book as a family, your child's favourite read at the moment, or just a book you want to recommend to the rest of the class.

We have had great fun reading with our reading buddies in Acorns this term!

We are readers!

AA reading Year 3

 We have been using the book 'Stone Age Boy' to help us with our creative writing this term, thinking about how it might feel waking up in the Stone Age! We also read ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’ to help us create our own set of instructions. We are enjoying our current class book 'The boy who grew dragons' and we are looking forward to exploring lots of different poems this term.   

View the texts we have been exploring in Year 3 so far this year by clicking on the link below: 

Texts we have read so far


Recommended Reading in Year 3

Take a look at our reading scrapbook! We are very proud of our book recommendations and each week a child adds a new recommendation to our scrapbook. Thank you to everyone who has already contributed, the children are so excited when it is their turn to bring the scrapbook home! Just look at the enjoyment books are bringing to these children:

AA reading recommends Y3

 Little Wandle support for parents 

We have lots of supporting documents available to help support your children at home with their reading and spelling. We follow the Little Wandle scheme at school to help children read fluently and use their phonic knowledge in their spellings. See below for some useful information to continue this support at home with your children: 


We have loved taking a trip into the past this term looking at how the Stone age people lived and how things might have been different to our lives now. 

We are Historians and Archaeologists!

We have been exploring how prehistoric paint might have been made to create cave paintings and recreated our own. We became hunter gathers in Forest school and understood how the stone age people might have gathered food, and recreated a version of stone age stew (which we tasted)! Some of us thought it was delicious! We visited Skara Brae in Scotland using Google Earth and discovered what prehistoric ruins look like and discussed how people might have lived in these dwellings. We also became real archaeologists and uncovered some prehistoric poop to dissect, to help us understand how the Stone age people lived.

AA History Stone Age

 We are digital explorers!

We have had the privilege to test a new app this week called Now Press Play. We had an immersive experience into the Stone Age world via an interactive story told through our personal headphones. We acted out the story as it was told and we had such fun living in the Stone Age! We even hunted our very own woolly mammoth! 

AA Now Press Play Year 3

We are Geologists and Scientists!

We love learning about rocks! After exploring the grouping of rocks on our own, we have created our own collection of different types of rocks we are finding in the classroom. We have explored how rocks are made and been visited by a Geologist who bought samples of all the different types of rocks for us to explore. We even made the different types of rocks out of chocolate!

AA science topic y3

We are Artists!

We have been exploring different methods for creating art, and have enjoyed using clay to make Stone Age pots. We used some visual inspiration of repeating patterns that would have been used in the Stone Age to help with our designs. We have also created our very own woolly mammoths to inspire our instruction writing on ‘How to wash a woolly mammoth’. 

A Year 3 Art