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PSHE incl. RSE

Mental Health Awareness Day Tuesday 10th October 2023. During this week children will join together in their classrooms and think about their own mental health. Below is the letter sent out to parents this week.



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Year 5 / 6 Joy and Happiness homework 










  “Who are we? Who do people say we are?”.

                                               Pilgrim School Attributes                                                                                Pilgrim Peace Doves



Pilgrim Afternoon dedicated to PSHE including RSE - DIVERSITY



Whole school PSHE afternoon



 Year 6 spent the morning at Lower Grange Farm giving back to the community by planting bulbs and whips, washing climbing equipment and creating bug hotels.


Giving back to the community

Lower Grange farm




 Pilgrim Attribute of SPORTSMANSHIP.

 The children in Year 5 came up with their favourite quotes / verses / sayings about our Pilgrim Attribute of truth. Check out their work below!

 We linked 'PEACE' with our Pilgrim School Attribute of 'HOPE'.


Peace Doves




Pilgrim Attributes


  CHARACTER EDUCATION WEEk - 'Filling A Bucket Week'  - Who are we?


Filling A Bucket Week

Character Education




 Pilgrim Whole School PSHE including RSE Afternoon celebrating 'DIVERSITY' across our curriculum.
















PSHE incl. RSE

In our school, as Pilgrims, we believe relationships lie at the very heart of what it means to be human. We believe we are created in the image of God; a God who is love.

We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Loving relationships enable us to flourish as Pilgrims. The Pilgrim School PSHE and RSE Policies are written with a clear school vision which is;

Proud to be … forever Pilgrim

I have come in order that you might have life—life in all its fullness.” (John 10:10)


Following the role model of Christ, we constantly strive to be His pilgrims:

 forever compassionate, caring and inclusive,

forever trustworthy,

forever aspiring and adventurous,

forever respectful,

forever thankful,

forever us …

                                     … forever Pilgrim.


 Curriculum intent in PSHE

In The Pilgrim School we aim to support pupils to: 

  • Promote Christian values. 
  • Develop respect for others.
  •  Develop confidence and responsibility and to make the most of their abilities.
  • Develop a healthy and safe lifestyle.
  •  Develop good relationships and to acknowledge the differences between people.
  • Be aware of safety issues.
  • Actively promote British Values.
  • Be independent and responsible members of a community, such as school

 Curriculum Intent in RSE

In The Pilgrim School we believe:

  • RSE involves lifelong learning about ourselves including our emotions, self-esteem,
    relationships, rights and responsibilities, sexual behaviour, sexuality and sexual health.
    It takes place in many contexts: at home, at school and in the community.
  • RSE is an entitlement for all young people and values the worth of all pupils taking into
    account difference and diversity; part of ensuring that the Equality Act of 2010 is
    applied in the school. It recognises that there is no hierarchy of protected
    characteristics in the Equality Act.
  • RSE must be inclusive and meet the needs of all pupils, including those with special
    educational needs and disabilities by giving careful consideration to the level of
    differentiation needed. In some cases, the content and/or delivery will have to be
  • RSE is most effective when provided in the wider context of social and emotional
    development. In school, successful RSE is firmly rooted in personal, social and health
    education (PSHE).
  • RSE must enable young people to gain information, develop and transfer skills and
    explore attitudes and values, in order to support informed decision-making.
  • RSE is an ongoing process which should start at home and continue in school. It is a
    partnership with parents and this positive effort will continue to be made to involve




PSHE Policy
 RSE Policy

PSHE including RSE Pilgrim Progress

The ‘Pilgrim Progress’ is a bespoke series of documents which forms the backbone of our own curriculum, ensuring implementation of appropriate subject coverage and expectation, whilst allowing for personalisation particular to our Pilgrim children.

Pilgrim Progress for PSHE including RSE 


The Implementation of PSHE including RSE on our curriculum




PSHE including RSE Parent Information Session via Zoom

It was lovely to see so many of you at our most recent curriculum workshop which focused on Personal, Social and Health Education including Relationship and Sex Education. If you weren't able to attend, please see the recording on the Home Page of our school website. It will provide you with lots of information. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions about this subject area. The slideshow can be found below.

Parent Zoom Slideshow



Mental Health Awareness 6th February - 10 February Week 2023


KS2 Homework See Link for Mental Health Awareness homework set - Plan a Party!


This week we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness week. Each class will be taking part in a range of activities planned. Our Peer Mentors have been trained on Monday and are excited and enthusiastic to make a difference to our Pilgrim Family! Watch out as we add to our slideshow throughout the week and add children's comments about what they have been doing.




Today Year 5 made connections using balls of wool, recognised the connections they had with each other in their own class and getting to know each other on a deeper level.


We have been trained as peer mentors today, learning about the colours monster and how we can help and support one another. We have been given a special lanyard to wear - I feel like we work for the school, it is exciting! Tilly Y5




In class we examined what the word 'vulnerable' meant and how this can be linked to mentall health. Y5




Today we had a visit from a reptile rescue centre. We talked about how we have connections with animals and how they can help us feel calm. We talked about how animals need looking after and cared for.


Let's Connect

Mental Health Awareness Week




Your caption here


Mental Health Awareness Day Monday 10th October


Raising Awareness of Mental Health within The Pilgrim School 

Mental Health Awareness 2022 

 See children's comments below:

We learnt to look after each other and be kind. I wanted to get better at football.

Eliza YR


We created our own support bubble to help us see who we had around us to support us both in school and at home.

Samuel Y5

We passed a teddy around our circle and talked about how we felt and who helped us.

Ruby Year 2


Yoga and balancing to help us feel relaxed and good.



Spending time outside doing the daily mile and having a chat with our friends made me feel good and helped me talk when I was having a bad morning.

Year 3





Mental Health Awareness Day 10/10/22


Welcome to our Pilgrim School Sanctuary

 "The sanctuary helps me to feel relaxed when I feel stressed."


"I enjoy making things in the sanctuary for people. It helps me feel good and I get to chat with my friends."


"Sometimes when I feel lonely I know I can always go to the sanctuary and there will be people there to help and play with."



Black History Month

 October 2022 is Black History Month. 


Black History Month 2022


Preventing Bullying Week - As a school we did a range of tasks to help us think about how we behave as individuals towards others. As Pilgrims we constantly ask ourselves “Who are we? Who do people say we are?” Our school vision lies at the heart of all we do and say within our daily life in school.


Preventing Bullying week



The Impact of our Curriculum Intent across 'PSHE including RSE' on our children

Come see how we learn and grow together! Watch our children flourish and grow into lifelong learners. 

 PSHE impact 2023-2024

PSHE 2023-2024




Come see how we learn together


Family / Relationships / love / respect



Staying safe in the sun













Embedding our School vision in our daily life and developing our sense of identity- “Who are we? Who do people say we are?” 

WORLD CUP 2022 - Come on England!



PSHE including RSE Parent Information Session via Zoom

It was lovely to see so many of you at our most recent curriculum workshop which focused on Personal, Social and Health Education including Relationship and Sex Education. If you weren't able to attend, hopefully the recording below will provide you with lots of information. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any further questions about this subject area. The slideshow can be found on our PSHE including RSE, curriculum page.

parent zoom meeting.pptx


Books we have enjoyed sharing as a school


  The Invisible String by Patrice Karst   





Aalfred and Aalbert by Morag Hood   

Along came a different by Tom McLaughlin   



Key Websites