The Pilgrim School

Collective Worship


Collective Worship in schools needs to be a highly valued and set apart time in the school day and week, where the whole school community can gather together in a time that is honouring and worthy to God. It needs to provide opportunities for the school community to arrive in worship with the right attitude, engage with their own spirituality and Biblical teachings, leave feeling refreshed, and inspired.

The new SIAMS evaluation schedule talks about worship being the ‘heartbeat’ of the school, beating away beneath everything that goes on in school. Just as the beating of a creature’s heart is the signal that it is alive, the heartbeat of worship should signal the life, energy and Christian spirit of the school.

Worship can also be a ‘time to breathe’; a time when all can come together to find a space, silence and quietness to reflect on their own spirituality, values and place in the world. Just as breathing is vitally important to life, worship is a significant and sacred time in the life of the school; ensuring the time is valued to allow all to ‘breathe’ through worship.” (A Fresh Approach to Collective Worship)


Friday Celebration Worship

Friday 3rd February 


Friday 25th November 


 Friday 7/10/22

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