The Pilgrim School


Teaching team: 

Mrs. Simmons (Monday and Tuesday), Mrs. Olubajo (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) and Mrs. Greenhow

(Mrs Dewey on Wednesdays)

 Our Pilgrim vision is the driving force behind everything we do. We explore together the two fundamental questions of -

'Who are we?' and 

'How do we live?' 

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Our homework is uploaded to Google Classrooms every Thursday and due on Tuesdays. There is a lunchtime club on Monday for anyone who would prefer to complete their homework in school. 

All pupils should read at least three nights per week, and sign their Reading Records accordingly. They may read a book from home, or choose from our selection in Year 6. Please ensure their Reading Record and book comes to school on their designated day. 

Forest School will be every other Monday. An alert will always be sent as a reminder for Forest School.

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon.

Swimming for Year 6 will take place Terms 1 and 2 on a Thursday. The children will be told in advance who is going. 




Week 1 - Resourceful

Week 2 - Courageous

Week 3 - Tolerance

Week 4 - Integrity

Week 5 -Boldness

Week 6  - curious

week 7 - Appreciative

These are some of the songs we have enjoyed from Term 1’s Pilgrim Attributes





Week 7 - Independence


 GUIDED READING texts for Year 6

 Mrs. Simmons

Private Peaceful By Michael Morpurgo

Mrs. Olubajo 

Goodnight Mister Tom By Michelle Magorian

 Mrs. Greenhow

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe By C. S. Lewis



GEOGRAPHY - AfricaAfrican Safari Information Guides

 ART - African art work


African Print Images - Free Download on Freepik

 MATHS - Ratio and Metric measure

Metric Units Of Measurement - GCSE Maths - Steps And Examples




Science - Evolution and Inheritance 


Evolution and Inheritance Display Lettering (teacher made)




 RE - Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity - RE:ONLINE




English - 

Letter writing


Newspaper Reports

The Newspaper Reports Pack - Teaching Resources - YouTube



Year 6 Forest School 2023

Forest School

Year 6 Curriculum work 2023



Learning Resources 

Here are some lovely ideas to help you support learning at home: 

What might I enjoy reading? What are the Y5/6 spelling words? What vocabulary do I need for Maths?
How can I practise my spellings? What are SATs?



Times Table Rockstars 

Spelling Frame 



Year 6 Blog

Term 3

This term we began looking at Africa - we researched African animals for homework which was really good fun. We enjoyed finding lots of different facts out about their habitats and the environments where they lived. In Art we are creating African prints. In science we have began looking at Evolution and Inheritance. This has been really interesting looking at what we inherit or adapt from our biological parents. We reviewed what we already knew about evolution and then thought about what we would like to know. We are now looking at how animals and plants adapt to their environments and habitats. During our PSHE Afternoon about Diversity we looked at how people cope daily with mental and physical disabilities. In Year 6 we learnt some important sign language phases with help from Laura Everhurst. We all really enjoyed this - it was good fun and really interesting. Some children in our class created a power point about hearing loss and shared it with the class. This week for Mental Health Awareness Year 6 have been learning about coping with stress and using the power of our voice to help us with this. We looked at things that made us feel stressed, strategies to cope with stress and feelings that we had when we felt stressed. We create posters, videos and animation about 'My voice Matters' for homework. What a great term!

Year 6 Term 3



Term 2  week 3-4


In maths we have been learning fractions and practising arithmetic. We have been using different manipulative in maths to help us learn.  Our new topic in science is electricity and we are looking forward to using different pieces of equipment to make circuits. Today we went to Lower Grange Farm to give back to our community. Pilgrim attributes teach up to be kind, generous and to how gratitude. This was a wonderful way for us to show this. We planted, bulbs, whips, made bug hotels and washed climbing wall equipment.  We can not wait to go back for our Year 6 residential. 

Giving back to the community

Lower Grange farm


Term 2 week 1-2

This week we have been finishing our watercolour paintings. Last term we learnt about WWII and made paintings of poppies . When painting our poppies we talked about mood, shade and using a colour wheel to help. These were special paintings as we are thinking of Remembrance Sunday this week. This has allowed us to reflect on war when considering key words we have discussed this week like discrimination, being courageous and showing resilience. This term instead of history we will be doing geography. Our topic is Africa, we have already reviewed what we know about Africa.  In English we have started making newspaper articles about WWII. We have been very busy already! In science we are learning about electricity. This will be great fun! Our attribute for this week has been ‘courage’ which has allowed us to focus on what we can do when worries fill our minds. We are loving the songs we have been learning each week linked to our school Pilgrim Attributes.

 Term 1 - Week 1-3


The beginning of Y6 has been busy but fun. We have settled in our new class and discovered what we will be learning about this term. We have been busy writing our letters, applying for our Year 6 responsibilities - we can not wait to get these. The jobs include The Attribute Team, The Worship Team, Reading Cafe etc


During Forest School we made Water Filters. We thought about our Pilgrim Attribute of the week which was Success and came up with a key question of - 'Who will be most successful at creating the purest water?' It was good fun! We used leaves, stones, sticks and soil to help create a filter. 




Tuesday 17th October

In art we are using water colours to create a poppy field to remember those who died in the war. It is linked with our topic this term. We have created artwork of us going to war thinking about how we can draw different features on our face. In maths we have been looking at long multiplication and short division. We have also started fractions. We received our job roles of responsibility for Year 6 and we can not wait to get started with these. It will be so much fun and a great way to show our attributes and help others. We have been talking about different types of families and keeping safe when using a mobile phone - in particular text messages. Year 6 created a resilience ladder with affirmations to help encourage each other. Some included:

‘Remember God is in control of all’

’Be your best self’

’Never give up - keep trying’

In PaG we have been playing games to learn antonyms and synonyms. This week we have began looking at direct and indirect speech which will help when we write Newspaper articles.  In science we have been learning about reflection and refraction. We had a visit from Dr. Mafemera to tell us how science and religion can work together. 

Term 1 year 6