The Pilgrim School


Year 5



Teachers: Mrs Ionilete

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Chard and Mrs Dewey

Class email:



I have come in order that you might have life - life in all its fullness. (John 10:10)

This is the precept upon which our Pilgrim School is founded. We are committed to enabling each member of our community to flourish.


 Following the role model of Christ, we constantly strive to be His pilgrims:

  forever compassionate, caring and inclusive,

forever trustworthy,

forever aspiring and adventurous,

forever respectful,

forever thankful,

forever us

… forever Pilgrim.

We are so excited about the year ahead and very happy for sharing your Pilgrim journey with us in Year 5.We are going to ensure that learning is full of adevntures and enjoyment this year!


The Year 5 Teaching Team


Here are a few Top Tips which will help you in Year 5:

  • Bring a named water bottle from home
  • Wear your Pilgrim PE kit to school on Tuesdays - remember some warm layers too, if needed
  • If you're having school dinners - try to already have an idea of what you want each day when you come to school
  • This term's homework will be set on Google Classroom as before.  It will be set on a Thursday and will be due in the following Wednesday.
  • Homework Club will take place on a Monday lunchtime - please remember to ask in plenty of time if you are struggling.
  • Bring your Forest School clothes to school every alternate Monday starting on Monday 18th September.
  • Remember you need to wear old clothes with a long sleeved top, wellie boots and trousers and wet weather gear if needed.
  • Enjoy reading at home and don't forget to record it.  You can bring in a reading book from home to keep in your tray if you like.
  • Leave all your bits and bobs at home - you won't need your own stationery or pencil cases or games etc.
  • Keep talking to us - it helps us all - we're here for your whole family.




We would like you to record how much you read each day. Remember it doesn't always need to be a book, it could be a magazine or newspaper article.

Please make sure you respond to the comments and questions made by the adults who are looking at your reading log - we want your reading logs to become a dialogue between you and the adult who is checking your reads.

If you read different books in one day, you can enter each book in its own row.Please bring reading record to school every Wednesday so we can count your reads.If you get 30 reads in a short term you have a chance to win our special book of the term, voted by you.

BUT most of all, enjoy reading!

Here are the books we are currently reading in our guided reading sessions in class:


 Mrs. Chard's group

Stig of the Dump by Clive King


 Mrs Ionilete's group

The Astronaut’s handbook

Class book: Space boy by David Walliams

Year 5 have buddied up with the Oaktrees for our weekly reading buddy sessions. Year 5 have been enjoying this time spent with the Oaktrees modelling reading and listening to their ideas on their books, as well as helping them with their phonics. This is the highlight of our week and here are some pictures of us enjoying this special time:





 Forest School

 It comes as no surprise that Year 5 enjoy moving their learning in the outdoor environment.In Forest School we have been using nature to recreate the Solar System using: rocks, leaves and mud to represent different planets.Year 5 were successful in creating space lava lamps, here are some images:


Year 5 2023 Forest School




We love to use our homework to consolidate or extend our class-based learning and your homework is an opportunity for a more personalised style of learning. Please continue to use the standards for quality of work we use in class, showing real care over the presentation of your work and the quality of the work you hand in.

We will set each week's homework online using Google Classroom.

Extra Stars will be awarded for any self-driven extension work, particular effort or a challenge set for others! We like an ongoing dialogue with your homework, just like we aim for in your Reading Record log - it really helps develop learning.

Homework will be set on a Thursday, to be completed by the following Wednesday. 

Mrs. Ionilete will run a homework club on a Monday lunchtime, where adult support will be available.

Thank you for your continued support; let us know if you think of anything else that could help the homework experience!


Here is a copy of our current Year 5 and 6 spelling words to help the children expand their vocabulary in their writing.

Year 5 Subject Overviews


Term 1 



Term 2 












Touch typing.


Click here for touch typing link. 

Touch typing link




Here are the topics we will be covering in Year 5 and some useful vocabulary to know: