PE Funding


 PE and Sport Premium 2017/18 


In April 2013, the Government announced new funding of £150 million for physical education (P.E.) and sport. The funding should be used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision.


Ofsted Inspectors are assessing and reporting on how effectively the primary school sport funding is being used to improve P.E and sport provision as part of the quality of the school’s leadership and management.


School use of the available funding

At the Pilgrim School we value the impact high quality P.E. provision can have on the children in our care. We have always tried to encourage participation in sport by providing after school and lunch time clubs, as well as a broad and engaging P.E curriculum. 


PE and Sport Premium 2016/17


Area of school to target / benefit

 Desired Outcomes




Mr M. Thacker from Soccer Skills

Year R - 2

High quality P.E. being taught across KS1.

C.P.D. for teachers working alongside.

Lunchtime football club for year 6.


Children are enthralled in P.E and are challenged appropriately.

Teachers have increased confidence in teaching P.E.

Improved teamwork and competitiveness for football team.

Swimming coach

Year 4 - 6

Our children receive high quality swimming instruction in order to meet the needs of the National Curriculum.


86% of Year 6 able to swim 25m or more. (72% and 69% in previous years)

Swimming free for pupils.

Year 4 - 6

Targeted swimming groups so all pupils meet National Curriculum requirements.


All swimmers moved up at least 1 stage, with many level 1 swimmers moving 2 or more levels.


Year R - 6

Ensure the teaching of P.E can be supported with equipment that can aid progress across all needs and ages.


Children were able to participate in a wide range of sports and access all sports in the Medway Mini Youth Games.

Equipment i available for fine motor skill interventions.



The difference in P.E funding and the total amount spent is paid to roll out Soccer Skills coaching to year R.