Welcome to Year One's Page!


Look at these photographs of us at Rochester Airport.  

We had an amazing time and even met Arthur Williams who presented "Flying to the Ends of the Earth" on Channel Four!

Jim and the Beanstalk

Some of the children from Year 6 worked with us to take these photographs to make us look like we are in the story of Jim and the Beanstalk.  We enjoyed ourselves so much we want to take more photos!

Welcome to Year One!

 PE is on Friday mornings. The children can come in wearing their PE kits and will change after PE.


The children have been given their own peg in the cloakroom and tray in the classroom for their belongings. There is also a laundry basket in the class for clothing that hasn't been named. They are always reminded to put their clothes in these places so they are the first places to look for missing jumpers and cardigans! Please feel free to remind them to look for their belongings if necessary, and show them where their names are in their clothing.


The children are beginning to earn their rewards for regular reading. Regular reading at home helps develop their reading skills, and brings them closer to the next reward!


Forest School is on alternate Mondays. Half the class have Forest School while the rest of the class have computing, then they swap for the following week. Your child's Forest School dates are in the front of their contact book, but if you are in doubt it's best to send their spare clothes in so they are in school if they are needed.




This term's topic is #Living in a Digital World

We hope you are enjoying the school project so far. How are you getting on?

We have been thinking about what classes will be like for future teachers! We thought about APPs that might be created by that time to help future pupils learn.  We turned our walls into smartboards and put buttons all around with our ideas.  Take a look!




The children in Year 5 showed us the games they had created in Scratch.  Then they showed us some of the skills they had learnt!



We are using the learn pads for the very first time!





We are getting better at reading and writing using our phonics.  We have taken some fun photos to help us remember some of the digraphs and trigraphs.  These photos are around our classroom and we have made this powerpoint too.

Have a look!  





Strategies for maths

If you're not quite sure of the best way to solve a problem, Grace has some suggestions that might help.  Take a look at this powerpoint!








Our trip to the Guildhall Museum

We made everyone so proud with our fantastic behaviour at the Guildhall Museum.  We enjoyed learning about the toys.



We have enjoyed making our own version of Not Now Bernard by David McKee!