Welcome to Year 4

Class teacher: Mr Sverha & Mrs Simmons

Teaching assistant: Mrs Bacon


Year 4 love outdoor learning!

Key Information


Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday.


Children should be reading approximately 15 minutes a night. Please make sure to record reading in their reading record.

Children have easy access to our school library and below are links to the Lovereading4kids website where you can find a wealth of different books - the books you see on this website are available at a variety of retailers.

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PE/Forest School

P.E. is on Wednesday afternoon every week.

Forest School is every other Thursday

Swimming - starts on Thursdays after Easter 2019


 Year 4 Curriculum Expectations





Spring Term Topic


We will be learning about:

  • The Romans invading Britain
  • Roman Roads
  • Roman Baths
  • Hadrian's Wall
  • Boudicca
  • What did the Romans do for us?
  • We will cover these objectives
  • - plot history on a timeline using centuries
  • - how events from the past has helped shape our lives
  • - appreciate that wars have happened from a very long time ago and it is often associated with invasion, conquering or religious differences
  • - know that people who lived in the past cooked and travelled differently and used different weapons from ours
  • - appreciate how items found belonging to the past are helping us to build up an accurate picture of how people lived in the past


The Romans In Britain

The Roman Empire (BBC Bitesize)

History For Kids - Ancient Romans

Ancient Rome for Kids

Our Trip To Kent Life - The Romans


Useful Links

Science - Sounds

Chrome Music Lab

Song Maker



Triangle Boxes

Sorting Triangles

Making Triangles


Beach Trip 2018