Welcome to Year 4

Miss Lindal is our class teacher.

Mrs. Burd is our teaching assistant.

Miss Everhurst teaches and works in our classroom twice a week as part of the intervention team.

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Please bring library books to school every Monday.

Swimmers remember your swimming kit each Thursday!

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Next Forest School is Thursday 17th of May.

    For forest school children should have jeans and a long sleeve shirt, jumper or      jacket and either welly boots or trainers. Weather proof shoes suggested.

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Key Information


 We are going to start learning how to type properly on a computer keyboard. It would be great if your child could practise at home as well as this will be a beneficial skill for typing quickly and accurately as they get older and have to type more assignments and long essays. There's a free program you can use here:



Homework is set on a Thursday and is due the following Tuesday.

 Thanks for your help with the Geography project. The children enjoyed presenting them and hearing about other cities in the UK.

A good website for English is https://www.theschoolrun.com/what-are-simple-compound-and-complex-sentences-0 and we have learned about simple and compound sentences.

We learned about fronted adverbials so look here https://www.theschoolrun.com/what-are-fronted-adverbials


Children should be reading approximately 15 minutes a night. Please make sure to record reading in their reading record.

Children have easy access to our school library and below are links to the Lovereading4kids website where you can find a wealth of different books - the books you see on this website are available at a variety of retailers.

Books of the Month          Dyslexia Friendly          Books for Boys          Reluctant Readers          Children's Book Chart



P.E. is on Wednesday every week.

Forest School is every other Thursday.

Swimming every Thursday

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Summer- Term 5


Maths- We are learning about Roman numerals, weight, mass and length

English- We are learning how to write different types of letters

Topic- History: Romans in Britain (Trip to Kent Life)

Science- Living things including humans- teeth, digestion

PE- skipping, athletics, cricket, kick ball, badminton

Spring- Term 4


Maths- We did decimals and graphs this term.

English- We did a poetry unit writing different types of poems including shape poems, Haiku, Tanka, Diamante, and Cinquain as well as Abcedarian and Acrostic.

Topic- We learned about M.C. Escher and did some tessellation art.

Science- We learned about food chains and pollution

PE- We carried on with Netball, Rugby and added in some skipping.


Spring- Term 3


Maths- We are learning about time (converting 12hr to 24 hr, and converting minutes to seconds).

We are learning fractions and looking at mixed number fractions and equivalent fractions.

English- We are learning about how to write a simple sentence (using nouns and verbs), how to write a compound sentence (joining 2 simple sentences with connectives/conjunctions) and how to write sentences using fronted adverbials. We will also be entering a competition to write 500 word stories! Check out the BBC 500 word story website for ideas and inspiration!

Topic- We are doing mapping and learning about orienteering.

Science- We are learning about living and non-living things and how to classify plants and animals.

PE- We are doing Table Tennis, Rugby and Netball this term. 



Autumn - Term 2


 Maths- We are focusing on multiplication and division. We have gone through 6, 7, 9, 12 times tables and different patterns and strategies. By the end of Year 4 children need to know all multiplication facts from 0 x 0 to 12 x 12. Please practise multiplication facts at home by doing speed quizzes, flash cards, memory, hit the button, hit the answer, etc. We have started looking at 2D shapes, angles in shapes (righ angle, acute, obtuse) and comparing angles as well as learning how to identify regular and irregular shapes by counting sides and corners.


English- We have been looking at Newspaper articles. What do they look like? How would we write one? Use the 5W's (Who, what, where, when, why) to start your first paragraph. Interview different eye witnesses (use quotation marks accurately). We did a piece for the MAT of descriptive writing in role as Lucy from Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. We are reading deductive texts and learning how to look for clues, evidence and proof to find information and answers to questions.


Science- We are learning about sound. What is sound? How is sound made. We've recently made string phones, and listened for sounds around the school. What is noise pollution? Sound is vibrations and travels as sound waves. We will be looking at pitch and volume of sounds in relation to instruments. How can we dampen or absorb sound? Which materials work best?


Topic- Geography- We have been learning about Great Britain, The United Kingdom, England, Kent, Medway and the village of Borstal. We have learned the definition of a village, town and city. We will look more into counties and compare them to provinces in Canada.


PE- We are doing a games unit practising different balance skills, Football, Cricket, and circuit training (fitness).


Music- Our class is learning, 'Merry Christmas Everyone,' by Shakin Stevens for the Christmas concert. Please practise at home! Our art will also be linked to our song looking at warm and cool colours and silhouettes to create something magnificent!


PSHE/ Forest School- We have been learning about our behaviour for learning in the classroom and how we and others like to learn. Children selected different promises to include in their contracts. In Forest School we have been doing a lot of team building games and working on being a team and working together. Lots of these games are also drama games.


Autumn- Term 1


Maths - We have looked at Place Value up to 10 000, Estimating, Rounding and Adding 4 digit numbers. We have also done some Multiplication and Times Tables work with a focus on counting in 7's, 6's and 9's. 

A good website to practise some basic maths skills...



English - We have been writing traditional tales, and reading literal texts practising skim and scan to look for key words. Each child has a different spelling group based on their ability and the types of words they need more practise with. In P.A.G. we have worked on Adverbs, Nouns, Pronouns, and how to use direct speech properly in a story. We have also been grammar detectives and had to fix errors in sentences, as well as worked on letter writing, and we wrote an interview. We have talked about descriptive language and using similes. 


Science - States of Matter and how different states change. The Water Cycle.


Topic - The Spanish Armada (history). We also did art based on our topic and some nature art during forest school.


PE- We have been doing Dance, Field Hockey, Basketball, and Fitness 

In Dance we learned The Chicken Dance, The Macarena, a dance to The Monster Mash, The Electric Slide, Cha-Cha Slide, and Oops Upside my Head. We learned how to follow a beat, and how to be a dance leader as well as how to listen to and count beats in a song, and when to change a move.

Mrs. Bacon, Mrs. Parry and Miss Lindal teach PE in small groups for Years 3 and 4.

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Rochester Cathedral

We went on an educational visit to Rochester Cathedral. We had fabulous weather and it was an exciting and informative day. Photos to follow. Thank-you to all the staff who came with us and made it a great day.


After our trip we stopped in to the church for Harvest. Thank-you to everyone who brought donations and the families that joined us for that special celebration.


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