Teacher: Mr Sverha    

 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bacon

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PE Lessons -  Wednesdays afternoon

Forest School -  every alternate Friday (Term 5 starting on 20/4/18)

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In this topic children will learn:

  • to describe events and periods using the words: BC, AD and decade
  • to describe events from the past using dates when things happened
  • to describe events and periods using the words: ancient and century
  • to use a timeline within a specific time in history to set out the order things may have happened
  • about Greek city states like Sparta and Athens
  • about Greek gods and goddesses
  • about Ancient Greeks lifestyle
  • about Ancient Olympic Games
  • about Greek democracy

Useful Links

Guide To Ancient Greece

Information about Ancient Greeks

BBC - Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece Links

10 Facts About Ancient Greeks

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Chrome Music Lab

Chrome Music Maker

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Our Stone Age Trip to Kent Life

Meeting a tribe member Claw, From Hunters to Farmers, Weapons, Trading in Stone Age, Grinding Grain, Beliefs & Burials


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