Succession Planning

Staff Matters

We are very pleased to announce that our deputy headteacher Mr M Newman has been successful in obtaining his first headship. As of September 2014 Mr Newman will be headteacher at St. Margaret's of Troy Town. We thank him for his excellent contributions to The Pilgrim School over the last 4 years and wish him continued success in his career.

Mrs A Mepsted, our year 3/4 phase leader has been successful in replacing Mr Newman and will become deputy headteacher here. She is an outstanding teacher and respected leader and the governor's of the school are very confident that her appointment is evidence of the excellent succession planning the school encourages. She will provide the school with a smooth transition to our work in September.



This year we've had 3 student teachers; M/s Nicholls (Year 2), Miss Pritchard (Year 1) and M/s Cullen (FS). They all successfully completed their practices with us. One is now in employment and the other 2 start their final year in Spetember 2014.

Their mentor from The University of Greenwich, Roger McDonald wrote in our visitor's book, "Thank yu for the support you have given our students. They have made so much progress due to the class teachers and mentor support."


Student Placement (Year 1) from Christ Church Canterbury is now qualified and teaching.


We had 4 PGCE students in FS1, FS2, Year 2 and Year 6 who all successfully completed their training and are all currently teaching.